Bilfinger Protects Supply Chain Email Communications with Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense

Published by Proofpoint

Restores confidence in email and prevents brand misuse through authentication.

Cyber criminals use fraudulent emails to target people, not infrastructure. One method of doing this is identity theft, where the company’s real domain is used for phishing attacks—often within the company itself or within the supply chain. Known as business email compromise (BEC), this type of attack is not only costly but it also leads to loss of confidence in email communication. 

Bilfinger was faced with this challenge. Integrated into complex and multilevel value chains, Bilfinger set itself the goal of ensuring that every email that was apparently sent by Bilfinger actually came from the company. And this was particularly true when it came to emails from the leadership team. 

With other Proofpoint solutions already successfully deployed, the company decided to test Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense. Download now to read Proofpoint's findings. 

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