The Death of Network Hardware Appliances: on-demand webinar

Published by Cloudflare

While storage and compute have moved to the cloud, many network security functions remain tied to on-premise hardware appliances. Leaving many corporate networks to rely on legacy hardware appliances to define their perimeter, enforce policies, and route traffic. 

Hardware boxes can be expensive, hard to manage, and slow, and with new supply chain pressures, lead times of up to a year are not uncommon, delaying business-critical IT initiatives. And the steady shift of data, applications, and employees to the Internet creates new security and performance issues that hardware may not be able to handle. The bottom line is, the time to break free from network hardware is NOW!

Watch this on-demand webinar from Cloudflare experts to learn about: 

  • Challenges with provisioning and maintaining network hardware in the cloud era.
  • How these challenges affect IT staffing, network security, and more.
  • Cloud-native “as-a-Service” options you can deploy today.
  • A roadmap for reducing your dependence on hardware appliances through cloud transformation.

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