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Four Keys to Navigating the Hardware Security Journey

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Ensuring enterprise-wide device security requires a shield, or security posture, that follows and protects devices throughout all aspects of the hardware journey, encompassing the external supply chain, internal implementation, and ongoing end-user operations and device management.

This research, Four Keys to Navigating your Hardware Security Journey, summarizes the highlights of a long-term research initiative begun in late 2019 and concluded in mid-2020. The research included an in-depth study involving over 1,000 technology and security professionals directly involved in the planning, implementation, management, or operations of security, risk, and compliance activities related to device-level security.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • Common security misconceptions (some of which will surprise you)
  • How to assess and evaluate your enterprise’s position in the supply chain
  • Tips for building a strong foundation for security
  • The importance of security frameworks and guide rails throughout the security journey
  • The benefits of using security dashboards

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