2020 Cost of Insider Threats: Global Report

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The average global cost of ​insider threats​ rose by ​31% in two years​ to $11.45 million​. And the frequency of these incidents spiked by ​47%​ in the same time period.

This Ponemon Institute insider threat report outlines in detail the primary cost centres from the 2020 insider threat study. It also addresses the industries, company sizes and regions that are most affected.

Key insider threat statistics and highlights include:

  • The​ highest overall cost centre​ for organisations is containment, at an average of $211,533 per company annually.
  • The​ fastest-growing cost centre ​is investigations. It costs organisations a whopping 86% more than it did only three years ago.
  • The ​longer an incident lingers, the costlier it gets​. The average incident takes 77 days to contain. Incidents that took more than 90 days to contain cost organisations an average of $13.71 million on an annualised basis.

Download the insider threat report to learn more and get tips for implementing an effective insider threat management programme.

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