Is your business GDPR-ready?

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The GDPR came into effect on May 25th, 2018, and that means every company with customers, vendors and partners in Europe must ensure that the way they store, manage and work with personal data complies with the new regulation. This marked a huge shift in the way organizations across the globe must approach data privacy, and while many of them consider it an obstacle, we at Box see it as a chance to create positive outcomes for your business.

So where does your organization start? In our eBook, we'll walk you through the steps your business must take to become GDPR-ready. We'll also share how Cloud Content Management helps customers solve for their governance, compliance and data residency needs. Because organizations across the globe can take this opportunity to get their data management in order — and gain a competitive advantage along the way.

Find out how to make the GDPR work for your business in our eBook, Learning to love GDPR.


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