The future of work: Will better tech mean better meetings?

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HP’s Chief Experience Architect says VR, AI and machine learning will boost productivity and creative collaboration.

A meme that recently made the rounds on social media features a fictional children’s play set made up of a plastic table with chairs and…a conference phone. Around it, children re-enact a workplace meeting to hilarious effect. The product is called “The Soul Crushing Meeting.” Its tagline: “Now your kids can suffer just like you!”

There’s too much truth to the joke. In the US, American companies hold 11 million meetings a day, with unproductive ones costing the country $37 billion a year. Tips and tricks for holding productive meetings abound, from crafting concise agendas to Jeff Bezos’s meeting-size limit of two pizzas’ worth of people. Now, advanced technologies seem poised to relieve some of that pain.

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