Threat Hunting 101: 8 Threat hunts you can do with available resources

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In this white paper, we will discuss the minimum toolset and data requirements you need for successful threat hunting. We will take into account that, while some readers can devote most of their time to threat hunting, like most, you have limited time and resources for this activity. The good news is that threat hunting is flexible, and anyone can do it, regardless if you are spending just a few hours a week to full time.

Threat hunting is the process of proactively searching for malware or attackers that reside on your network. The generally accepted method is to leverage a security information and event management (SIEM) solution that centrally collects log data from disparate sources — endpoints, servers, firewalls, security solutions, antivirus (AV), and more — providing visibility into network, endpoint, and application activity that might indicate an attack.

The challenge with threat hunting is knowing what to look for. So, this white paper explores eight types of threat hunts that you can use to spot suspicious abnormalities that might be a leading or active indicator of threat activity. Download to find out more!


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